Four tips to avoid the freshman 15

1. Have a set of kitchen ware and utensils.

Freshmen may think living off dining hall food and Chipotle will be sustainable, but let’s face it, 2 weeks in, you will be craving some home-cooked meals. Have at least one pot and one pan on standby for when this happens. Other useful tools in the kitchen include a can opener, strainer, some big spoons for stirring and eating utensils.

2. Avoid non-perishables.

I know Spaghetti-O’s can be very enticing, but things that come in cans should be avoided at all costs. Generally, they contain many preservatives and have an abnormally high sodium content. Instead, stick to the fresh fruit and vegetable sections. It may be intimidating, but you won’t have to spend as many hours working off that late-night bowl of Ramen.

3. Plan your meals ahead of time.

It may be time consuming, but will help in the long-run. Research some recipes and plan your grocery trips wisely because freshmen typically don’t have the luxury of going often. I recommend planning five meals for your week. This will save time and money, and as a freshman, these things are very valuable.

4. Stick to the list.

Go to the grocery store with a list of items, and stick to it. Do some research before arriving to see what deals and coupons your local grocery store is offering that week. Following a list will help  avoid any temptation to junk food and save time browsing the aisles.


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