Meal planning saves time and money

Pinterest sparked my interest in meal planning freshman year, and I’m so glad it did. Scrolling through all of the mouth-watering recipes, I never thought they would actually be attainable. But they are, I promise!

Meal preparation can seem like a very tedious task that requires a lot of time and effort. It isn’t as hard as it seems, though.

I introduced my roommate, Jennifer Vazquez, to the world of meal prep. Before this, her diet consisted mostly of Totino’s pizza rolls and Kraft Mac & Cheese.

“Wow, this definitely beats Chick-Fil-A,” said Vazquez, a.k.a. Ramen noodle connoisseur.

Discovering how to prepare my meals for the week made shopping so much easier. I would never just wander aimlessly through the grocery store, purchasing whatever it is that I was craving at the time, and then regretting it later.

Once I dedicated myself to trying meal prep, I was on the road to success. The first recipe I tried is still one of my favorites, and I’m going to share with today. I found this recipe on Kayln’s Kitchen and will link it down below.

“It’s amazing how quick and easy these meals can be put together,” Vazquez said, “I actually don’t mind cooking now.”

Don’t forget! This recipe can easily be customized by adding in or substitute anything. I found that this recipe created four meals worth of food.


Click here for my favorite meal prep recipe! 



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